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Fender Mexican Stratocaster vs. Cort M600 ?

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I'm quite new to playing, my style is mainly Indie/Alternative rock.

Which guitar would be my best choice?

I should also mention the Strat is a SSS, and the M600 is HH (Duncan humbuckers). the M600 costs about 150$-200$ more.


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First off, welcome to the site, m'friend. :)

Being a Fender guy and having never played a Cort, I'm gonna suggest that ya take a look at the Squier Cool Vibe Strats in addition to the MIM Strats. I've found the neck on these are real hard to beat and same for the tone.

The SD p'ups on the Cort...are they SD's or licensed SD's? There's a big difference.

Best advice usually is to play 'em and figure out which feels better in yer hands, but if yer inexperienced that ain't the easiest decision to make. Since the CV series Strats are less costly, I'm thinkin' it'd be a good choice. Versatile, toneful, a gittar you'd still play even after ya felt the need to upgrade yer equipment. Mine gets played as often as my Custom Strat does....

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I spend more time playing electrics and the biggest thing I can say is buy the one that feels the most comfortable to you. Necks are the most important part of my electric guitar selection. You can always change out the pups and hardware later. If you plan on selling the guitar in the future, obviously the Fender will have a better resale value. But if you're going to keep it, then that won't matter. Go with what feels the best and upgrade the parts to get the sound that you're looking for.

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