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"Make shift PA system"?

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Is it possible? :dunno: I don't have a lot of equipment, but I need to try and set up some kind of sound system for a talent show our Brownies are doing.

I do have a good condenser mic, but no preamp. I use the Presonus Firebox when I'm recording. I also have an "equipment condenser mic" (the pencil shaped one). Did I mention that I am extremely technologically challenged? I'm sure you knew that at this point. ;)

We had a rehearsal last night and I used my Audio Techniques mic which is pretty good with a small acoustic amp that I have. But it's just not enough. There are two plays, so I need to have a mic for the narrator and hopefully one "somewhere" for the cast members. In some instances, one girl is 4' tall and the other is 3' tall (well a little taller, but there is a big difference in their heights).

I can probably borrow a bigger amp or two and a couple of mics. Even so, what is the best way to set up this "make believe" system I need.

Would it help to pick up a cheap mixer so I can adjust volumes of the different microphones? I can spend a bit of money but I don't want to go crazy either. It is Brownies after all. Use our resources wisely :)

Thanks. Hope this is the right forum cause I didn't know where else to post this.


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Maybe I would be better off getting something like this:

Mackie SRM150 from zZounds.com

The only thing I'm wondering is if I can plug an iPod into it? Some of the girls are singing to music on an iPod. Our little iPod players aren't that good. If it does plug in, can I still use the two microphone inputs. I think someone has a CD as well...again, can a CD player be plugged in.

If you didn't think I was technologically challenged before, you should be convinced now! :oops:


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The portable PA has an input for the ipod/cd and looks like it would do the job. A mixer isn't required with this but couldn't hurt either. I would think all the inputs would work at the same time.

Another option is to rent a small PA from the local music store.

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