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My Floyd Rose is angled sidways.

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I have an LTD MH-401, it's 11 months old and I have a big problem with the bridge. It is tilted horizontally, not vertically with the springs/strings, but actually sideways. When I whammy down or up it scrapes the side of cavity (the hole in the back with springs, claw, etc. inside).

Looking from the front of the guitar, you can see that the right side (thin strings) of the bridge is really close to pick-ups compared to the left side, it's almost touching the wood. It wasn't like that when I first bought it.


Yeah the picture is unfocused, but you get my point

The part that's actually scraping the side seems to be the piece that the whammy bar screws in to.


I have my Floyd Rose almost parallel, I don't think this problem is related to spring tension.


I've tried going further up/down and it didn't help. I've tried adjusting the springs, that didn't help. I've tried actually pushing it back into place, I couldn't move it. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or how much it would cost to get it repaired?

I don't know that much about guitars, please explain complicated terminology if you use it.

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My guess is that the blade edge is damaged or worn. Either that or the stud is loose.

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I installed a Tremol-No on to my guitar a while ago. Do you think this could be related to the problem? It started happening a while after I installed it though.

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