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problem with EQ-7545R

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I got an accoustic guitar EQ-7545R pick-up. My son (age 5) pulled all the wirings inside and i can't seem to find the 12v power connector and the output. I already disassembled it to find clue. Unluckily theres not a sign.

Here's pic.

http: //i39.tinypic.com/nyahzo.jpg

http: //i39.tinypic.com/wmcizk.jpg

Sorry, low res. taken from a mobile camera.


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G'day Joshua, Welcome to the forum.

You may have to come back to us with a bit more information. I'm guessing that your son has pulled the output lead away from the body of the 7545 and you're looking to solder the lead back in.

There'd be two wires in that lead, one being the signal and one being the earth. Without having a 7545 that I can pull apart, I'm not able to say where the wires connect, but I'm hoping someone else can. Your reference to 12v may put some forumers off track because to my knowledge the 7545 uses a 9v battery and as such shouldn't have anything to do with 12v.

You may find two blobs of solder on the board which look like something's been attached, and you may also find an identifying + or - or even a word printed in the surface of the PCB near these blobs to indicate what they're for.

I hope my interpretation is correct, maybe now someone else who has a 7545 on the bench can tell where the lead goes.

Keep in touch.

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