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my first electric guitar D;

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heyy guyss.

ive been playing acoustic guitar for almost a year now. and im thinking of upgrading to an electric (yay, finally!). but being a beginner, i dont know much bout guitars and all > need :helpsmili choosing my first electric

so i went to this local shop, and they suggested me buying one of these ibanez;



along with washburn baddog 10watts and a Boss DS1 distortion pedal < metal play

im just not sure which one to get > one of those? or should i get the jumpstart package? or is there better starter guitars out there?

guysss, advice needed :brickwall:

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G'day Haayato,

Depends which guitar you like best. Feel them, hold them, play them, listen to them, decide which one you'd really like to take home. That's the one that's best for you. Otherwise you'll regret not getting the other one.

If you really want both, then try to decide which one you want to take home first.

If you still can't make up your mind, then pick the expensive one. Price always seems to represent quality in our world.

My belief is that a beginner's guitar doesn't need to be concert quality but needs to be easy to play and sound good, and the shop should be prepared to stand by you if there's a problem with it later on.

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Congratulations on picking up an electric. it's always cool to get new stuff but try to temper your excitement with a little reality.

If you can take a couple of hours and go to the shop and sit down and play a bunch of guitars and figure out which one feels and sounds right. Plug them into the amp your thinking about and see what you think. Try a different store and see if they have another combination that you may like better. I know this isn't the last guitar and amp you'll ever buy but you need to be happy with the choice so get a guitar you'll be happy to have a year from now.

Would you consider one the the modeling amps (line 6, VOX etc..) instead of the amp and the pedal, that route would give you some different options. I've also read some very good things about the Roland micro cube amps, many people here swear by them so you may want to consider that option as well.

Also, if you can take a friend who know how to play along for an unbiased opinion.

Also don't forget when you get it home, plug it in, crank that amp up to 11 and hit a big fat E chord and let us know just how cool it is. .:punk:

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