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Any Feedback? Guitar Project: Navatone #0003

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I hope you guys are not sick of me posting my projects. But I like sharing them with you in hopes of some feedback and recommendations.

This is a custom build for client. Installation of Callaham tremolo and neck install. Complete assembly of guitar to make sure everything lines up and guitar functions properly. String height is higher than expected, will have the frets leveled and crowned prior to final assembly.

I will disassemble for paint job, neck finishing and installation of electrical components and body cavity shielding.

Photos: Navatone #0003

More photos to come as the project moves forward.



Alder Body

Maple Neck with Ebony Fret Board

Callaham Tremolo and Block

Callaham Tremolo Claw and Springs

Rio Grande Tallboy Pick Ups

Fender 3 Ply Shielded Pick Guard

250k Pots and 5 Way Switch

Fender TBX System

Fender Locking Tuners

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