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Snowin in the Toilet

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Hi, heres another song I thought up the other day. Apologies for posting as many songs in a such short space of time, but I guess its good to get feedback when its still fresh in your mind!

[Verse 1]

Snow White and the Chemist, thats the names you've got

sniffin that shit, that you had bought.

Surrounded in the toilet, your beginnin to feel the heat,

after takin it all, off the toilet seat!


Yeah, its snowin in the toilet, every Friday night!

Its snowin in the toilet, cant get in without a fight!

Yeah, Snowin in the toilet, getting shivers with the cold

Its snowin in the toilet, or so im told!

[Verse 2]

Your rollin up a note, and makin it nice and tight

fillin up your lungs, with all your might.

Comin up for air, your face is gettin numb

thinkin your the man, but nuthin but scum!


[Verse 3]

It starts to take effect, your heart is getting quicker

Can see it on your face, your eyes begin to flicker.

You sit down at the bar, your tryin to get a beer

Chattin up the barmaid, tryin to look sincere!


[Verse 4]

The night is nearly over, your still goin strong

you head back to the toilet, but something goes wrong.

Slowly sniffin in, you start to cough and splutter

Your mates have ****ed off, and left you in the gutter!

(This track was written with The Clash ‘Londons Burning’ / ‘Career Opportunities’ melody in mind)

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