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New Marshall Head

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Well, it's not new, it's actually used. But here's they story...

I was poking around Guitar Center yesterday. Well basically all weekend. LOL

They had the Easter weekend sale thing going. 12 months 0% financing for 12 months. They only time I make a big purchase at Guitar Center with my GC Credit Card.

The manager knows me pretty well, and when he sees me in the store, he always knows I'm in there to make a purchase when they have 0% financing. He walked up to me, greeted me and shook my hand, then handed me a handful of picks and a cord and then walked away.

I was looking for another tube amp and played just about every tube amp they had except the Mesa Boogies (well out of my price range) over the weekend.

I was really liking the VOX Night Train astratslinger posted about. Very sweet amp and I played the heck out of it at the store with an American Strat and Gibson Les Paul. Believe me. The Pentode and Triode modes are wickedly awesome! And that Thick Switch is SIC!

Then there was the Egnater Renegade 65 watt head. If you ever get a chance to try this amp out, do yourself a favor and just try it. You will not be disappointed. This amp is simply awesome! I'm not going to go into all the details about this amp. It is all it says it is on the GC web site.

I was stuck trying to decide between the two. Both were amazing amps. The Night Train was cheaper than the Renegade and I loved them both. I actually thought about just buying them both, but the wife would have probably killed me. And buying both would have really made me tighten financial belt so tight that we’d be eating Ramen Noodles and beans for a year.

As I was trying to decide between the two, I turned around and saw a wall of used amps. There were Fenders, VOX, Peavey, Marshall and many others. I got up and began to look at them. I saw two Marshall JCM900’s there. I had read about these JCM900’s and was always curious about them. So I gave them a try. Pretty sweet amps, but they weren’t what I was looking for.

I poked around through the used gear some more and came across this head that was way in the back behind a couple cabs on the floor. I moved the cabs and pulled it out along with a foot switch. It was a Marshal JCM2000. It was a bit dusty, but looked to be in great shape. So I plugged it in and gave it try.

Holy cow! This thing was sooo sweet!!! I fell in love with it immediately and had to have it. So to make a long story short, I got it for a heck of a price. I'm not going to mention how much. Let's just say it was "well below" the average price that you'd see it usually sell for.

I live about 6 hours from the nearest Guitar Center. Got home about 11 pm last night and played and played. This amp is so sweet! Very different from my Fender Dual Showman and Krank Rev JR. I played some Zeppelin (The Rover) with my Les Paul on it last night. Oh wow!

After playing I looked at the clock.....2am! I had a hard time going to sleep last night. I'm at work now with my eyes burning from lack of sleep. I have a feeling it's going to be a very slow day at work today.



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I've had the TSL60 for a couple of years. That thing cost me an arm and a leg at the time, but the tone was very sweet indeed! I sold it because i didn't play guitar anymore, and regretted it when i restarted of course :)

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