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What are the original strings on a Yamaha f310?

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I got my first acoustic at xmas and am starting to learn a little more about guitar set-up etc. Does anyone know if a standard set of strings is supplied with the Yammi f310? If so what make and gauge are they?

I think they may be on the heavier side and I wanted to check this before I had a luthier check out the action on the guitar. It just seems very hard to fret notes near the nut and I've not got a weak grip?!

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Just to add that while 12's are called 'light' they are in fact thicker than many beginners find easiest to play. String sets of 12's require more pressure to fret cleanly than 11's or even 10's, although the thicker strings will probably give you a better tone.

If you put 11's or 10's on a guitar that comes with 12's from the factory, you might find that the lesser tension on the neck makes the action a bit lower. This is fine if it was a bit high before, but if you start to get string buzz with lighter strings, you may have to get the store to do a set up on it with the lighter strings. It doesn't cost much, and it resets everything for the easier play-ability, and would probably be a good idea to do anyway after you've been playing a new guitar for a while - and you get a new set of strings included in the price of course.

I went through that a few months ago with a guitar that's now one year old - I got it free because the guitar was under 1year old at the time, so try and see if you can swing a deal like that at the store where you bought it. If it's free, why not? And if it costs you $40 less the price of a set of strings it's still worth it to know it's all set up with the easiest set up to play.

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