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I traded my purple quilt top Raven RX620J to my friend in exchange for a Krank Rev JR. Nice amp. Has some real good crunch. It came with 2 Sovtek6L6s. I dropped in a matching set of my ole Flying C's 6L6's that used to be in my 1976 Dual Showman. One had burnt out so I had to have the entire quad set replaced with Sovtek 6L6's. The Krank sound has changed quite a bit. More than I had anticipated and I love it. The Krank cabs have 1 12" Texas Heat and 1 12" Vintage 30. I haven't really spent all that much time playing with the amp, so I really don't know all that it can do just yet. I pretty sure it's a 20 watt head,Preamp three 12AX7 tubes, power section two Sovtek 5881 tubes which I change to my old Flying C's. include a 3-band eq, parametric mid-sweep, gain, separate volumes for Krank and Kleen channel, “Boost” button for more drive, active effects loop, ohm selector and voltage selector. Got most of this info from their web site. Krank | krank amps

I'm also building another guitar for a friend of mine here at work. Basswood Sunburst body, copper shielded body, maple neck(still working on it), Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pick ups, sheilded fender pick guard, 250k pots, 5 way switch, fender tremolo with full sized brass block. I need to finish the neck and install the tuners and string trees. then I can install the neck and set it all up. So far I think it's turning out pretty nice. I'll be sure to post some pictures of it when it's complete.








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