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Drop tuning setup

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hay peps

I want to set my guitar up to 6D 5G 4C 3F 2A 1D

its setup to standard and i was wondering if i need to adjust the intonation as i want to keep that guitar drop tuned and my strat copy to standard for the clean sounds.

Whould there have to be anything else i whould have to do.

I know i whould need to set the FR up again.

Im just after geting that metaly sound as im buying the boss me 25 this week :clap::yeahhh: and it just came to me that ive got two guitars so why have them both set to standard tuning.

all help appreciated

thanks in advanced Nick

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you may want to go to a heavier guage string to ensure less buzz- let it settle in thene check the relief on the neck, set the action, tune and intonate.


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