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Words to Trixi (4)

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Here they are Doug:

There's a beautiful face on the moon tonight,

A wonderful song in the air,

Only pleasant scenes in my dreams tonight,

I'm so lucky it dont seem fair,

In the breaking dawn I'll search for you,

Stopping only when I cry out loud,

What a fool I've been,

It was just a dream,

You broke me, would it make you proud.

There's a wine red sea as cold as charity,

Running over some sailors tonight,

And for countless years those whispering waves,

Must serve as their sound and sight,

But there's no fooling your feelings,

And there's no feeling when you're dead inside,

You live a year or a day,

Its the same price you pay,

You couldnt cheat it, though I know you tried.

Now she's gained her grace in the valley of Gods own garden,

Where the mountains dip and the heatwaves skip the Jordan,

She knew she couldn't be,

A queen in Gallillee,

Till she could stamp her feet upon the sea,

But I always believed one more time that I would see her.

In the shadow cast by a shivering sky,

A lifetime slips slowly by,

And when the four winds call for every piece of my soul,

I'll be happy just to let it fly,

I dont need another shot at glory,

I can die with mud on my shoes,

Cos if you still care, if you're waiting there,

Maybe together we can kill these blues.

I still see her some nights in the mercury light of November,

In the fabulous glow of a scorpio I remember,

Her perfect smile,

Her scented hair,

Her open heart,

Her gentle care,

I whisper again my useless prayer that she could be here.




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Wow, Michael. Very touching, very well written. I have to listen to the song again. thanks for posting.

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