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Sarah E

Pick up for Ibanez - Shadow Mic v Fishman

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Hey all- good to be here amongst experienced folk. I have just got my first steel string- a fully acoustic Ibanez performance. I love it- we fit well together.

Of course I want to add a pick up. Have been told Fishman Neo-D would be way to go, and I wanted it put permanantly in, but after talking to musos it sounds like a risky/dumb idea. So I could just have it so I can take it on/off.

Another suggestion was shadow pickup(made in germany), a simple set up of mic I think on the outside of guitar which clips on. I think this way I can still use a ummmm....round thingy to stop feedback that slips into the hole...

I dont really want to drill holes into this beautiful thing...I dont want feedback while performing...I dont want to ruin good acoustic sound. what say u oh wise men/women?:helpsmili

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