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blind boy mike

capo for slide guitar?

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Just been watching Eric Sardinas and noticed the capo he uses, very interesting bit of kit!

Anyone know of any capo's like his for slide players - a capo that doesn't just press down behind the fret but has a bar under the strings as a replacement nut.

I've seen the Dobro capo but that lifts the strings a long way off the fret board - if anyone has used one does it make fingering too difficult?

I do a lot of finger picking mixed with sliding, so want a bit of height in the action but not too much.

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Here's a few ways to sort out dobro nuts, capo's etc,

You can get an extension nut here:

Jupiter Creek Music - Australia

I got one from these guys through ebay, to fit to a cheap standard acoustic guitar. My package came with a heavy dobro slide included. It works well, or would do if I was any good at it - it's on the list.

And here's how Kelly Joe Phelps uses a capo on a standard guitar with raised strings:

Get a piece of ebony (good luck), the width of the neck or a bit more. The thickness depends on how high your strings are off the fretboard. Drill a groove down the middle to fit a 1/4inch drill rod so the rod sits half in the groove and half out above the ebony to make a 'fret' under the strings. Place the drill rod in the groove and slide the whole thing under the strings at the fret where you want to capo them.

To anchor all this securely, place a cheap elastic capo over the lot to hold it down in place.

I made my own version - for any number of reasons! I found a ball point pen the right thickenes to slide under the strings and secured it with a rubber band looped over each end of it (a lot sticks out) going around the back of the neck in a kind of figure of eight. I tried a pencil but the wood made it sound hopeless - didn't give any clarity or resonance, but the plastic pen worked ok.

It looked pretty weird (matched my playing), but it worked. I used a plastic squared off yellow bic because I found it was more secure than a round pen, but a metal pen would sound better if you can figure out a way to secure it properly.

I found the outside strings tended to slide off the nut extension fairly easily so I put another capo over the back half of the nut extension - perfect.

I have a pic somewhere, I'll try and find it.

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Pictures as threatened plus a sound sample - please take into account that this was the first time I'd ever tried sliding of any sort, but I think you can hear the metallic difference compared with a plain acoustic set up, and the nut and slide cost around $30 all up ;) :

Dobro sample for Noodler.mp3


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