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I have a Ibanez Concord 684 that I bought new somewhere around the mid 70's. It is in very good shape. The only wear that shows is on the pick guard. Keeping this short I'm looking on buying another guitar and first wonder what this one is worth and if worth keeping or trade in it?

Thanks Mark

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Odds are against you getting any value the guitar has... since its not one of the cookie cutter name brands.

The best realization of its value is to keep it (you appreciate its value) or find someone who is looking for that type of guitar.

It was made in an era when computer controlled fret setting machines were not around, so it has love and attention that can be easily under appreciated, and under valued.

Today you can buy "twice" the guitar for the money that one cost... so its trade in value is low, unless the dealer is a collector of those models.

Ibanez Collectors World: Concord 685

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Hi Mark, Here's a bit more info, nice guitar, the 684 is a copy of the Gibson Hummingbird apparently, this link has some price ranges, I saw a 12 string with a Dove on the pickguard going for AU $500 buy it now on ebay, think the ones with a Dove might get a little bit more as this one seems to be at the top price but it is an earlier model too, the 12 strings apparently go for the same as the 6 strings, if you don't need the money it's a keeper, really depends on how much you like playing it really, best of luck with whatever you choose to do Mark.

Ibanez Collectors World: Ibanez Concord 684

Vintage Ibanez 684/12 string Concord Acoustic MIJ - eBay Acoustic, Guitars, Instruments, Musical Instruments. (end time 12-Feb-10 21:25:35 AEDST)

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