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MIM Fender Strat

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Just bought a purple/blueish 2000 MIM Fender Strat with a maple neck and pearloid pickguard from a friend for $240.00. No case, missing the tremolo bar and a very minor scuff on the body, but otherwise in really good condition.

I'll post pics when I get it. He lives in Phoenix and I live about 5 hours north of Phoenix. I plan on going to Phoenix pick it up next week sometime.

I plan on taking it apart and using it for other guitars I'm building at the moment. I've been scouring the internet for good Strat parts and they are pretty pricey. A decent Fender maple Strat neck with the skunk stripe and trussrod adjustment at the headstock is nearly the same price as what I paid for this guitar.

I'll be sure to post pics of the guitars I'm building when they are finished.

All in all I think I got a really good deal on this MIM Strat.:clap:


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I received the Rio Grande Tallboy pick ups I ordered the other day, and also got the Strat I bought from a friend.

The Strat is a 2000 MIM, blue/purple color. The bridge/tremolo is kind of rusty, but not in too bad of shape, the springs have some serious tension too. Some of the screws on the pick guard are rusty too. The maple neck is in really good shape and is aging quite nicely, but the frets are a little worn so, it’s going to get a complete refret job anyway. The body is in really nice shape with the exception of a few minor scuffs, nothing major at all.

I took the guitar apart last night to check it out even further. It looks like the pick ups were replaced at one time. I have no idea what kind they are. I have attached a picture, maybe someone here can identify them for me? (*see the piece of masking tape on the wires?) There was also a pick that was in between the body and pick guard. The same kind I like to use! I got a free pick too!

See all the white stuff in the cavities? I’m thinking that is polishing compound. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I used to paint cars and trucks and used that stuff many times before to get that deep gloss mirror like luster on a new paint job.

The pots and 5 way switch all seem to look quite good too. I don’t see any issues, unless someone here sees something I don’t, please let me know.

The neck looks to fit quite nicely into the neck pocket.

I removed the old pick ups from the pick guard and installed the Rio Grande pick ups,the Rios have pearloid tops! Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this. Kind of hard to do 2 things at once. Also soldered the wires to the input jack and reassembled everything.

I installed new Ernie ball strings, did a complete setup. String height, neck adjustment, intonation, etc..

My amp is a 1976 Fender Dual Showman Reverb with Celestion Vintage 30s (the good ones made in England not China) I also use the BOSS Blues Driver and a BOSS Chorus Ensemble pedals.

When I tested these pick ups and Strat last night, the Tallboys simply blew me away. I could not be more impressed with the tone and performance. They have to be the best pick ups I ever played in my life. My ears are still ringing right now. These have to be the best pick ups ever made for a serious blues tone. Hands down. Well in my opinion they are.

The Strat played like a dream, it felt very comfortable and the neck was quite nice.

This Strat will be completely taken apart again. The body will be stripped and repainted a metallic lime green with a clear coat and buffed to a mirror shine. The color that’s on it now is quite nice and I really like the color. I really hate to strip it down. But I’m building it for a really good friend of mine for his birthday. It’s a surprise for him.

I’ve been casually asking him about what he’d like in a dream Strat and he’s been giving me all the information I need to get busy on it. I still need to ask him about what kind of bridge/ tremolo he likes. If anyone has any recommendation on a bridge/tremolo, please let me know so I can do some research.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress and try my best to take more pictures as I go.














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