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Guitar for 7 year old

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Well, my seven year old grandson is interested in the guitar. Plays mine every time he comes to the house. I would like to get him a 1/2 or 3/4 size to fit him better and would like some advice.

Went to CG and found a 1/2 Laguna, 1/2 Squire and a 1/2 Ibanez, all pretty good looking guitars. I will take him in and let him try them out, but wanted any suggestions or advice that you good people can provide.



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Seven year olds aren't famous for their logic, so if you give him a choice, go with it. Don't disappoint him by getting him something which isn't the best in his eyes.

Or, tell him you'll choose for him but let him pick the colour.

This'll be a short term thing, he'll grow like grass and be too big for it in a few years. So as long as you're happy with the quality of the one he selects you can't go far wrong.

Expect you to post a few tracks of you and him jamming soon.

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Hi Eddie,

Last year I bought our grand daughter a small guitar. The one I ended up getting was a Dean Playmate. Honestly, at first I was disapointed because it would never stay in tune and the intonation was way out.

Then, I read on this very forum that it is usual for smaller guitars to be tuned where the top and bottom strings are tuned to A instead of E. After doing that, well, it's great. In fact I have used it myself on a couple of my recordings. It has the sound of a 6 string ukelele and it seems pretty well made as well. It cost $39.95 and is half scale but I think they also do 3/4 scale and also 7/8 scale which I think cost around $80.00.

Good luck, Gordon.

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Karcey and Gordon,

Thanks for the advice. There is a lot of good experience behind it.


You are absolutley correct. He will pick out what he wants with a little guidence.


Thanks for the heads up on the tuning thing.

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