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The Ibanez has landed!!

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This got delivered last week but she's all mine today. Its my new Ibanex RG370DX. I've spent about an hour fitting straplok buttons to this and my old guitar too so my fingers are really tired!!! I've had a quick play and I must say "I like!!!"

The neck is really thin and flat on the back, the body is heavier than my old guitar but that gives it a really solid feel. The pickups give a noticeable tone change when changing the switch selector when played clean, not so much so with distortion.

PUPs are

Neck - INF3 humbucker

Centre - INF3S single coil

Bridge - INF4 humbucker

Switches are as below

Pickup switching

Loving the sharktooth inlays too!!!




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Now that's a seriously nice looking axe!

Have fun... hope my new bass arrives soon, been waiting in for two days for it! The excitement is beginning to get to me! LOL!


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I'm a bit late on the scene but hope you're having fun with your new Axe Boroboy, congrats. nice guitar:winkthumb:

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So far so good but its not actually a budget FR trem its Ibanez's own Edge III trem, same principles obviously - floating bridge and locking nut, but its stays in tune really well...but I'm not really a whammy abuser!!!

My old cheapo guitar has a licensed FR and while I never had any issues with that once I'd got to grips with it the finer tuner screws never felt that they were a tight fit in their holes and were a little wobbly until they were almost screwed right in. Not sure if an original FR has a similar feel but I'd expect that the holes and screws are machined to a more exact standard than my Far East licensed job. With the Ibanez the fine tuners are bit smaller and fit nice and snug in their holes.

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