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Dewy's Setup

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I hope to be adding some recordings in the future, and after reading Carol's post I thought I'd put down the basics now and edit sound clips of each device into the post later.

Acoustic Guitar- Dean Transblue "EQA TBLS" which has a pre-amp and xlr or 1/4 out.

Electric Guitar - Parker PM-20 Natural "Mappa Burl" finish. Dual Humbuckers with push pull pots to split coils.

Strings are Ernie Ball "Skinny Top's Heavy Bottoms", Picks are Purple Star Picks.

I run a Behringer Wahh into a Boss TU-2 tuner into a Digitech Bad Monkey. I have a V-Amp2 patched into the effects loop of my amp giving me a stereo option post Pre-amp.

The Amp is a Peavey Valveking 1-12" combo. Has clean and dirty channel with 4-12ax7 tubes in the pre-amp and 2 EL-34's in the power amp.

1-First interesting note about the amp, it has a "boost" function on the dirty channel that with the push of a button can also give a 20db boost of volume. The "boost" puts me in mind of a "Tube Screamer" set hot... and no Eq for the boost function. All in all a nice plus for adding layers of overdrive.

2- Another interesting feature is a dial on the back that changes the "inversion" of the signal to the power tubes. In a nutshell some amps are class "A" and get a straight signal from the preamp... due to harmonic limitations of glass tubes (and other complications) a straight signal doesn't get much louder than 25 or so watts.

Class "A/B" operation takes the signal from your pre-amp and divides it into 2 signals. One is send unmodified to 1 or more power tubes, and the other signal is reversed out of phase with the original signal and sent to another power tube or two and this results in a much "cleaner" power signal, allowing the amp to be much louder (50 watts with two EL-34 power tubes, 100 watts with 4). My 1-12" combo is a 50 watt version, the head and 2-12" combo are both 100 watt.

So one way the dial sends a single "phase" of the signal to the power amp tubes and the amp maxs at 25 or so watts and really sings at lower volumes. The other way it sings nice and clean, really goes toe to toe with a moderate volume drummer, rated at 50 watts with the option of a speaker out that disengages the internal speaker.

My mic is a Peavey PM-20 that came with a great stand, mic, eh... I'm surprised. I expected little and use it for everything with acceptable results.

I have a device called a "Light-Snake" that converts xlr to usb in. It's dubious quality... but hey, it works!

Unless otherwise noted any recordings I post will be done with the above mentioned gear set up in my living room and the mic directed at the speaker... cables strung haphazardly across coffee tables and doorways into my study where the computer sits and into Audacity.

Hopefully soon we'll be getting practices recorded via the new board and have some interesting windows into a moment via Audacity installed on the drummer's computer.

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It's coming in at just over $1000 U.S.D. for all of it, and I've taken it toe to to with $5000 rigs. Its has some great sounds... a lot of flexibility, and best of all, its paid for!!

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That's an interesting post Dewey - the only thing I understood was when you got to "Audacity" somewhere near the end - but hey, I don't have an amp, so it's all a foreign language to me! Oh yes, I also understood the bit about a rat's nest of wires draped artistically over the coffee table.

Whichever way you make your sound, it sounds great to me and i'm looking forward to hearing more of it.:yes:

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I understand, that is one reason I wanted to post some pics and sound clips about the gear to help folks learn more about how the "electric rig" components come together to make music.

Wife's been home the last couple of days with some bum teeth working their way out. I should be able to break the rig out and take some photos and record some clips soon.

Also complicating things, my computer fried its video card... so having to do all of this on a spare I had lying around. It's not very co-operative.

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