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7 string beast

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I was woundering if any of you guys own or have played a seven stringer before.

Is there any advice on wether to go for one or avoid.

One of my close mates is selling one for £120 gbp.Okay its not no big maned company like ibanez or shecter but it looks nice and has got two humbuckers and a single coil as well as haveing a floyd rose trem on it.

I would like some real advice from real guitar players first before i decide wether or not i should buy. To me it seems like a bargin and i think he selling it to me if i want it as "mates rate" hell probably sell for a bit more if he dosnt know the person who buys it.Hes give me first refusal.

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I'm all for new and interesting versions of the old, but I have never quite understood the NEED for a 7 string guitar.

So avoiding all of my bias towards that and answering your question with yet another opinion...

Never by Bargain Guitars with Floyd's on them unless you are prepared to replace it.

Not only is a Floyd Rose a complex mechanical device that requires being finely machined from high quality steel... but it also needs a solidly constructed guitar to be properly installed on.

In my experience every "bargain" guitar was lacking in more than one of the blue words above... and the ones with FR knockoffs were ALWAYS a tuning nightmare.

If it were a named brand going for cheap I would suspect it... and ultimately suggest to everyone to spend money wisely over thrifty when purchasing a guitar equipped to do battle with a Floyd Rose installed.

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