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Locking nut problems?

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I tried to tune a guitar with a Floyd Rose system after changing the strings. I tuned it with a chromatic tuner and it is ok in the open notes. Intonation in the 12th fret is not perfect but close. The problem is when I fret in the first fret intonation is pretty bad. It happens in all the strings, athough more in some than others.

It seems there is a difference when the string is vibrating free (stopped by the nut) or stopped by the frets.

Anyone have any idea of how to solve it?

I have notice that even when the locking nut is screwed, the tone changes when I turn the tuners. Is this normal? Should I add graphite grease or something in the locking nut?

I also saw that the bridge plate is slightly tilted. Could it be the reason?


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You shouldn't be able to raise or lower tension on the strings by using the tuning keys after the locking nut is tight. It is supposed to do just that... lock the strings so tension is set between the fine tuners on the bridge and the locked nut.

I think your issue is the bridge.

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Thanks Dewy for the reply!

I just tightened the screws and checked again. All the strings keep the tune except the High E. I saw that the preassure pads have a groove due to old strings. Could this be the reason? Any trick to solve it?

When you that the issue is the bridge, you refer to the tilted plate, right?

I will level the plate and check.

Thanks again!

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Worn pads will allow the strings to slip... but always be certain to keep the pads with the correct strings. Its not uncommon for grooves on the three wound strings, but the unwound strings will slip in a groove (same reason I don't dance).

Examine to make sure you have them on the proper stings, and replace if in question. Cost is usually more to ship them than to buy them.


Also check alignment of the pads and the string "tree" between the nut and tuners as shown in the photo.

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