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can't find a fine 4th (D) high tension

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hi all,

i'm a begginer, playing a classic guitar, really like the high tension strings but having real herd time finding good 4th & 5th. :brickwall:

i first bought Hannabach (blue package) - fine sound for all but 4th & 5th, both give that metal krispy buzz that just doesnt sit with the rest of the strings. now when talking about high tension - they wont sell me single strings, so first i bought a new pack of hannabach thinking something was wrong with the strings. same buzz...

to make a long (and rather expensive) story short, i did manmage to find a type that deosnt give that buzz, but it's cheap type, poor sound. well i played 2 month with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th hannabach and 4th & 5th cheap type but now both cheaps broke.

so i went and got a Rotosound pack (they wont sell singles...) and guess what - that damnn buzz again :crying2:

so too questions if i may:

1. is this buzz like a known issue with high tension 4th & 5th ?

2. can anyone recommend good high tension 4th & 5th ?

man this turned up to be my longest post ever...thanks for sticking around thus far :)

id love to hear your opinion

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None of these strings should buzz. Check the saddle and look for rough spots under the strings. If you find them just sand them smooth.

I like Savarez Alliance BTW.

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Try sliding a business card between the strings and frets looking for a low clearance. Sometimes a string will buzz against a fret and cause that noise as well.

Can be tricky to find if it only happens when you are playing it.

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