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I Need Some Serious Help Guys

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I hav'nt noticed till now because i never used the whammy bar on my NEW guitar until today i just wanted to see what floyd roses are all about.

The problem im having is when i pull back on the bar to make it go sharp i was getting a relly nasty buzzing sound though my amp.I couldnt figure out what it was. So at closer inspection i noticed that the bottom E string is catching on the bridge pickup pole.:reallymad:

It is the only string catching so what can i do guys.

Do i have a go at trying to raise the whole floyd rose or do i lower the bridge pick up.:dunno:

Has anybody else had this problem before and if so what did you do to stop the buzzing.

please please help me out guys as i now there is someone out there.

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Raising and lowering pickups is common. There's usually a factory recommended height, but personal preference is also a factor. Or in your case, common sense suggests getting it "out of the way". It sounds like it's too high on one side and not the other and is likely an oversight during the build (it happens). If you plan on using the tremolo to any degree, I recommend familiarizing yourself with your bridge. Along with this forum, google all the available resources. I don't have any Floyd Rose and I never use the "whammy" on my strat style guitars to avoid tuning issues.

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Thanks guys ill have ago at lowering the pick up in a bit but if that dosnt seem to work i might consider blocking the trem so i can just use like a normal whammy.Although it just make some cool sound effects when you make it squeal with harmonics.

Ill let you all know how i get on with it laters Thanks for the advice.:winkthumb:

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While my misses and my baby where having a sleep i decided to sort that annoying buzzing out.

I have fixed it now and in the process i fully intonated my guitar.

What i did was i made a mark to where the claw gose for the right tesion for the springs.

Then i lossend all the string.

I then took out the trem as i needed to tighten the arm housing which i did.

I then raised the mounting stud just a tad.

Then i lowerd the pick up down a tad.

I put it all back together tightend all strings up to tension again tuned up to pitch and intonated.

Ive just had a good play and there was NO BUZZ.

thanks all agen guys.:winkthumb: :winkthumb: :winkthumb::claping: :claping: :claping::winkthumb: :winkthumb: :winkthumb:

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