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Some troubles with Reaper

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First off, when I record in Reaper, nothing is recorded. I'm using a line6 POD X3 as an interface and I have downloaded all the drivers. I've solved this problem by recording in Audacity, exporting it as a .wav, and going from there, but It'd be nice to record directly.

Secondly, when I play back songs on Reaper I hear nothing. When I downloaded reaper it came with a track and it doesn't work. This is my most important problem because I want to be able to edit my music.

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Hi NekoFoo, welcome to the forum! :clap:

You need to tell which audio interface to use in Reaper. The default may be your computer's on board sound card, so you need to tell it to use the Line6 interface instead.

Go to the Options menu --> Preferences --> Audio --> Device

And then select ASIO from the "Audio System" list (hopefully the Line6 Interface supports ASIO) now under the "ASIO driver" you should see the Line6 interface in that drop down list. If not, let me know.

Once you tell Reaper that the Line6 unit is your recording interface it will work for both inputs AND outputs. So you need to have your speakers plugged into the output of the Line6 unit as well.

And just to be sure, are you plugging the Line6 unit to your computer via USB?

Also, I have made a couple tutorials that walk through the basics of how to get started recording with Reaper (the first one includes screen shots):



Hope that helps. :)


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