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My Odd-ball collection of music makers..

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Hi there,

When I first joined this forum I posted a list somewhere of all the gear I used for both live and recording projects. I did promise to post a pic sometime but now I've lost the original post. Anyways, here is a picture showing the guitars and basses I get to pick from. A couple of these are home made by my dad way back. The Godin Solidac is the guitar I use the most followed by the classical and then the Patrick Eggle and I do use the Tacoma acoustic bass quite a bit as well.

I am just waiting on delivery of a custom made bala from Guinea which I asked to be made in diatonic Gmaj. I know this is not a guitar but I'm looking forward to mixing it in with some guitar, bass and djembe for some more African style recordings.

All the best, Gordon.:)

gordondaktari's SoundClick page

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Nice collection Gordon! I tried to navigate through the site to hear you music, but no luck.


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Hi there,

No problem. Thanks for showing an interest in what I'm doing musically. I have posted a few of my songs/tunes in the recording section on this site.

I am still learning how to use my Boss BR600 recorder so most things I record right now are part of my learning curve for the recording side. However, it does get a little easier with each effort and I need to look back at the manual less and less, ha, ha - I am very slow at the techy side of things.

I am mainly in to reggae and Tuku style African guitar but the last one I just placed on here was a blue grass song called 'Sweet Heaven When I Die' which is a complete change for me. I did this one as a live recording with the recorder sat in front of my Bose L1 tower. It seems to capture live performances pretty well,(including the mistakes, ha, ha).

Here is the link to my music page on Soundclick.

SoundClick artist: Daktari - I mainly play one-man reggae usually in local bars, restaurants and private parties. Also getting in

Let me know what you think, cheers, Gordon.:)

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