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Christmas present...a Reverend Volcano. Korina body and neck, raised center piece, Wilkinson locking tuners, 24 3/4" scale. New, but made before they put blocks in the neck...my cuz, the gittar tech at my favorite music store, set it up for me and said the intonation was spot on...about all he did was finish the frets and put on new DR strings. Nice rigs, these Reverends. Good price on this one because it doesn't have the blocks. :dunno:, and a hsc came along with the deal Got another one, a Roundhouse with 'buckers...and another Roundhouse with P90's that my son has borrowed.

Looks like it's real cozy surrounded by a couple of new buddies. :D


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Oh I'm in love, boys...probably better described as maniacal tone lust right now. But it'll grow into profound love soon.

She's lean and rude and always in the mood. She'll whisper clean as a Sunday mornin' promise and then turn around and crush ya with attitude and sustained harmonics. I can not, and I will not attempt to, resist her. Her body shouts out her denial of conformity while she maintains a heart of tone. (heart of tone...I like that:)) For this particular gittar to make it into my hands...well, there's no other explanation for it than divine intervention. :)

Yeah, I like it a bunch. If there ever was a gittar made specially for Peyden, it's this one. Hard to play sitting down, though...to heck with sitting the V shape on my leg, that don't cut it. I bought a cheapo strap and fixed it to where it holds the ax at a sittin' down height...and then I do stand up on occasion, too. :D

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