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Ignorance Is Bliss

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I wrote this a long time ago and just found it again, I plan on expanding this at some point into a larger story. Please give me some criticism/your thoughts on what I have so far though. Thanks

I see the contorted silhouette,

So I strut towards the mangled man.

He glances at me and now I regret,

My choice on that somber, dreary day.

Though I must act without hesitation,

For my life has long been in disarray.

I will resist temptation for my salvation.

Hooded, cloaked in the deepest dark,

Shadow covers all, save the purple eye.

My heart drops for I know, we must embark.

I am deafened by the pure lack of noise.

We parade on for hours on end; doubt takes me.

The mystic guide stops and glances at his token,

The intricate gold, jeweled watch is the key.

Sweat expires and plunges into my eyes,

I sponge away the nuisance and it appears,

The castle in a land beyond time with no skies.

The titans made this monstrous chateau,

The colossal diamond door swings open.

I’ve gone down a rabbit hole but see no glow.

Greeted by the doorman, grotesque and unshapen.

Into the final room I slowly meander towards.

A giant stained glass window with all history

Is what first catches my eye, next I see the lords.

The wise men older than God, keepers of time,

These prophets forecast life, the heralds of thought.

There are dripping clocks and up the stairs I climb.

There it is, Libri Gnarus Totus, the prize I’ve sought.

Deep in the dusty, faded book are answers,

Answers to questions I have yet to ask.

The promise whirls my soul like poetic dancers.

What I am promised, I know not, but I know…

This knowledge will undo my own existence.

The desire warms my heart with ecstasy on the plateau.

Finding myself possessed with promise, I risk my subsistence.

I am bewildered as I look towards the golden pages,

Though I’m pierced by deep purple-eyed gazes.

I am terror-stricken, so I hastily pick up my prize,

I am halted at once; I can no longer move my feet.

In a moment all the figures discard their disguise.

Then I see the massive hourglass below my seat.

I turn to sand and drift away; I will remember,

I’ll never burn the image out my mind; it is an ember.

The greatest lesson ever learned,

In my mind it will forever burn.

On my past life I reminisce,

All I can think, ignorance is bliss.

C4C. Thanks guys.

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