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3/4 size Acoustic for 5 yr old

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One of my twin boys (they will be 6 in Feb) wants to learn guitar and has been draggin my old acoustic (Fender DG-1) out of the closet every chance he can. He wants a guitar like Mom's. I never really learned to play more than a couple of chords because I didn't have time to play at the time, but would love to take the opportunity to try again if he wants to learn.

According to one source they recommended a 1/2 size guitar for a 5 year old, but he is the biggest kid in his class and most people think he is a 6 or 7 y.o , so I'm leaning toward a 3/4 size. I'm a smaller woman and a friend who was trying to show me chords way back when, told me I might have better luck with a 3/4 or 7/8 size guitar - I may end up playing this if he gets bored. I want something decent that will hold up and not sound awful, but at the same time - it's for a kindergarten boy(!), so I don't want to spend much on this first one, as the chance of destruction is high.

I've narrowed it down to a few choices I can get with some reward points (If I pay cash, I'm limited to about $40). The points program also had some really good prices on 1/2 and 3/4 size Dean guitars, First Act etc, but I understand those are missing some neck reinforcement?

What would you recommend?

Oscar Schmidt OG1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Oscar Schmidt OC1 3/4 Size Classical Guitar

Hohner HW03 3/4 Sized Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Hohner HW200 Concert Sized Acoustic Guitar

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G'dat Txloopnlil, Welcome to the forum.

Suggest all kids start with nylon strings, name brand not so important as kids are very forgiving. But no junk either, especially if you'll be doing a bit of playing yourself. Nylon doesn't need a truss rod in the neck.

Probably the largest size the child can handle is the obvious way to go. I'm a bit cautious with youngsters like yours. If the mood changes or the fingers get sore and they give up, how do you start them again? We had a chap here a few months ago whose kid was going to be the next Segovia. He's not here now, and I doubt that's because he's busy with a recording contract.

I suppose if you're going to get Santa to bring it, there's no way it can be tried beforehand. Hmmm. How about you get yourself a small sized nylon string guitar and let the youngster use it. Let Santa bring him a train set.

Good luck with the decisions, and keep in touch.

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Thanks, I think I will go with the nylon strings. I've read good reviews for both the Hohner and Oscar Schmidt guitars for a decent entry level guitar. I can get a bit better deal on the Hohner, so I will probably go with that.

I'll be interested in seeing if the nylon strings make much of a difference with sore fingers. I tried to learn during a very chaotic time in grad school and never could string together enough consecutive days of playing to develop any calluses. The sore fingers were not only an impediment to my playing but interfering with my laboratory work, so I had to put the guitar aside for what I thought was just a few months and never got back to it

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