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Headphones for recording ?

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Hi there,

I have been using a pair of very old Koss headphones that my dad gave me years ago. They sound pretty good but are a bit bassy and also pretty heavy. I am planning to buy a new set fairly soon and I was wondering if you good folks out there had any recommendations.

I would like them to be fairly neutral sounding, comfortable and light. Preferably not over $100.00.

Thanks, Gordon.

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Are these going to be used for mixing or recording?

Unless volume/noise is going to be an issue (if you have young kids who go to bed early, etc.) it is far better to do mixing with speakers than with headphones.

I did a more in-depth explanation of speakers vs. headphones for mixing here:


If you are going to be using these for mixing, then I would recommend holding off on going with new headphones and put that money into a pair of studio monitors for mixing. If you'd like I can add some studio monitors into the equation in your other thread where you were asking about recording gear, because studio monitors are also important to the recording process.

Hope that helps.


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Hi there,

Thanks Tekker for the help. I would be using the phones just for recording. When it comes to the final mix I use a mixture of playing it through my Bose 123 and the sound system I have wired up to the computer. This usually gives a pretty good average and these two systems are what I listen to most music on, oh, and the car system as well.

The way I'm working at the moment is to lay down a drum beat using the built in stereo mics on the Boss BR600. This might be just one minute long because at this stage, I'm just recording ideas as you would draw sketches on a pad.

I then choose the next instrument, usually a guitar, put on the phones and play the guitar along to the drum beat. Then I might add some extra percussion, a cabbassa for example. Then, the bass goes on. Usually, I would record the bass straight after the drums but in this case, I like to do the bass after the guitar because that influences what I might play on the bass.

At this stage, no vocals because honestly, I wouldn't feel right singing African and I can't speak any African language. That might change in the future but for this African project I'm just sticking to instrumentals.

Once I get some material together I will post some of my regular one-man band stuff. I've been a one-man reggae band for ages playing round local bars, restaurants and pool parties but I just never got round to recording anything.

I use a looper sometimes to build up backing tracks and I play anything from Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, to Elvis to bluesy stuff. Really, anything I like and feel is not too hard for me to sing. Ha,ha ha....that cuts it down right there. I sometimes play a medley as an instrumental of 'Fly me to the Moon' and 'Killing Me Softly'. They work well together in a slightly latin feel.

This is a great site, I'm glad I found it.

Thanks again, Gordon.:guitardude:

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I'm a little late to the party, but I'll offer two recommendations based upon the bazillions of reviews I've read while researching the topic myself:

Sony MDR-7506. These are considered the "industry standard" by many, and are very popular 'phones. About $99.

Sennheiser HD280 Pro. These seem to consistently rank either first in popularity or second (right behind the Sonys). Also about $99.

Both are closed-back headphones, and are designed for monitoring/tracking. I'm sure that either would do a great job - if you have a music store near you, give them both a listen and see which pair you like better.

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