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To those of you that are like me that could not or did not know how to enhance those $5 speakers that come with your computer, I stumbled across something on my computer that if you have the same thing, you might want to play with it a little. When I opened the sound and audio devices from my control panel and went to hardware, it was there that I could see that I use something called "RealTec Audio Device". This must be the hardware that my computer uses to play back music, (I think). Then I noticed that in my control panel I had an icon that says,"RealTec sound effects". When I opened this, I found that I could do all sorts of things with the speakers in the way of adjusting treble/bass.....adding effects....concert hall, live music, vocal, etc. All I wanted to do is quiet-down the bass as it was too boomy and discovered all sorts of options that I have for my speaker sound.

Just thought I would pass on this little find as someone might find it as useful as I did.


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