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Good elecrto-acoustic for learning slide guitar

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Hi all,

Been playing guitar on and off for a few years now and am still fairly rubbish... My biggest problem is I haven't had much experience choosing guitars so don't really know what's good and bad.

I want to start learning to play blues with a slide and was wondering if anyone knew any decent electro-acoustics for around £300? Looking to sound like Jack White, if I get the right guitar I'll just have to work on the talent...!


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YouTube - Jack White's Amazing Guitar Playing

Well the first thing you will have to do is learn open tunings if you want to sound like him.

Slide guitar is a bit less demanding in terms of quality of your guitar. You can find cheap guitars that just sing under a slide. Best thing to do is take your slide and try a bunch of them in your price range. Sometimes you will run into a real blues dog waiting to be bought. Good luck. Your looking for a semi hollow body with a humbucker pup in the neck position by the looks of what he is playing in this vid

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