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2nd guitar - Seagull vs. Yamaha red label

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Hi all,

I am new to the forum. I played guitar (a Fender solid-top mini jumbo) for a few years in high school, but then I sold it after college to pay for rent. And now I want one again. I have done some research and have narrowed it down to 2 smaller-bodied guitars. Both are available immediately and both have very high ratings on Harmony Central. Which, in your opinion, is the better guitar or deal?

Used Seagull S Grand. $289. I didn't get the year, but it's definitely an older model (maybe 90's?), as they only make Seagull Coastline Grand models now. This is available online, so I would not be able to test it out before using it. I have not touched a parlour guitar before, but I really dislike the large bodies of dreadnoughts. Also, I would be playing indoors and not in front of large crowds, so the smaller sound of this guitar is not an issue.

Yamaha FG-150. $350. This is available in my city, so I can go test it out. My only worry is that such an old guitar (60's or 70's) will have parts that need to be replaced already or eventually. I have also never played a Martin OM, which this guitar body type ripped off, apparently.

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G'day Fern, Welcome to the forum.

Feel free to ignore my comments ... I'm known to be a bit extreme about buying guitars.

I don't think any guitar has value if you haven't held it in your hands, except maybe something brand new with warranty, or something you just want for its collector value. If you want to play, the instrument must feel and sound like it can partner you in the creation of music. It's too subjective to take any chances.

That said, we've all gambled with sight unseen guitars, and mostly they're fine, but fine doesn't necessarily mean best.

I wish you well in your search for another guitar, and I think it's great that you're connecting again with music, I just wouldn't like to see you disappointed that, of all the millions of good guitars in the world, you bought the wrong one.

Keep in touch.



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hello fern, welcome and +1 to karcey's post... most will suggest play it before you buy it or at least play the same model. guitars don't all sound the same even if they are twins but thats bout as close as it gets buying used offline. in reference to the dread size, i have a slope shoulder design that is very comfortable... if i was going for an om i would check out the guild gad 30. fantastic guitars! martin om's are also nice but the all mahogany i played was too twangy for my taste.. soooo many to choose from! good luck!:)

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I own a Seagull S12 and it sounds good. I bought it because my Alvarez 12 string was in the shop and I was going through some horrible withdrawls from not being able to play a 12 string. So I bought the Seagull. It has a cedar top and cherry back and sides. It sounds good but nowhere near as good as my Alvarez.

I do agree with the other posts. Try it before you buy it. I didn't try the Seagull. I just bought it out of desperation to fill my 12 string needs. Now that I have my Alvarez back, the Seagull hardly ever gets played.

There are so many guitars out there in the world, I'm sure one of them has been waiting for you to pick it up and take it home.


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