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Apogee Gio - cool new hardware

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For those of you recording on Macs, check out the new Apogee Gio - looks like a great piece of gear! You can control your recording start/stop and in-track transport through foot pedals, as well as control all your effects in GarageBand, Logic and Mainstage. Its audio out will work to headphones, powered monitors/speakers, or your amp. It's powered entirely by your USB connection, so no wall warts or converters necessary.

Sorry if this is old news - I've been so busy with work that I've hardly had any time at all to even play, much less do any recording. I just learned of the Gio today as I was catching up on my RSS feeds and thought I'd pass it along, as it looked pretty enticing to me.

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Toldja it might be old news! :yes:

It definitely isn't cheap - list $399 - but it sure would be useful with GarageBand. I love the functionality of GB, and this would make it even easier to use.

Stuff like this really makes you think about how lucky we are these days when it comes to recording...so many good tools available that make it so easy to do.

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Its such a good tool it needed to be reposted !! :)

I am not talented enough to even think of recording or purchasing anything of that price point , but there is plenty of talent here that could use it for sure !

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