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Burning Memories

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Just another bus ride to no-where...lol{no ideas or tune in mind}

As usual...anyone wanting to put this to some music, feel free, changes welcomed and encouraged!

The cigarette lays smoldering

In the ashtray on the bar

He stares at it intensely

Yet his thoughts are off afar

He recalls the Smoky Mountains

The honeymoon they lovingly shared

The oak tree he carved their names in

To symbolize their love declared

They were only seventeen

When they wed that july night

As each memory came flooding back

Another cigarette he would light

You could see it in his face

The stories in his tears

He had lost his lifelong love

A love too short on years

Cancer took her away from him

She now lies beneath that oak

The ashtray holds what could of been

And another cigarette goes up in smoke

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did she die of lung cancer from second hand smoke?

Couldn't help myself, Kenny.

Good lyrics. Needs a chorus, though, I think.


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LOL Doug, does read that way doesn't it...Not sure about a chorus, but it definitely needs something lol

Little scary there for a moment, looking below at all the 'members replying' ;) gave a little rush, then I remembered whose thread they were in :laughingg:

guess smoking does cause hacking lol

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