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First go-round...

As usual...say what you feel...Please & Thanks

Through the whispers of the wind

I see visions of your face

A hint of your sweet scent

Has me longing your embrace

In the shadows of the night

I see your spirit dancing free

I feel your breath upon my neck

Cold shivers flow all over me

Illusion illusions

There's no question what I saw

Illusions of you my love

Amid the mist I seen you call

Echoes from a broken heart

Deaths harmony it screams

Illusions of you they comfort me

In this forest of lost dreams

Like the darkness caught in silence

Not a truer line be said

Our souls will stay connected

Through the illusions in my head

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Great start Kenny. If the part that starts illusions illusions is a chorus or bridge, maybe it could be repeated at the end or at least again somewhere? What sort of music are you planning?

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Thanks Carol, Yeah sorry about the lay-out, always forget to label the sections. Yep bridge or chorus was the idea there.

Nothing musical jumping at me atm, other than once again the Beverly Hillbilly's theme...Seems the only way I can escape that is to have something already in mind tune-wise before I get to scribbling :brickwall:

Edit: as usual if you or anyone dares a spin at throwing some chords/notes behind this....feel free to do so!

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Thanks Theo, did I mention...good to see you around again :yes:

and that 'fire'....it's just a match lol

It is good to see you again too Kenny :) ...

You certainly have your way of making good jokes but let me tell you that I don't agree with you.Since I came back I see many posts of inspiration from you whether it is just lyrics or music.So it is fire and that fire is of great proportions!Keep up the good work!!

All the best,


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