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Chaotic Kittie

Lost in a paradox

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And here's one I wrote just now... Not really satisfied with the second verse yet though.

As you may have noticed, I'm very much about surrealistic themes...


The road goes on and on and on

Until it turns into a railway

That leads to the moon

On such a road do I belong

but I will always stray away

not going back anytime soon


A dark rain is rising, there's grass in the air

I'm on my way home, but I don't know where

It seems like I'm trapped in an infinite box

I'm lost in a paradox


The birds are screaming for the rain

tearing the ground for prey

and killing the dead

I find myself in the forest's veins

Day after day after day

But I feel no dread



Leaving, I am leaving myself behind

To find myself ahead

Melting, just like a watch

I'm flowing on top of the sound of time


Up ahead I can see my home

in some distorted, foreign land

where I can't go

The space is letting out a moan

filling the silence at hand

a prophet of woe


A fire is cooling the air in my house

I'm reaching inside but it's forcing me out

I've always been held back by keyless locks

I'm lost in a paradox

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Good lyrics Chaotic.I wonder what the music would sound like.The best of luck in getting all that in a song.Looking forward to it...

All the best,


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Good lyrics CK. very cool, I like the way your mind works, the melting watch line reminded me of Salvadore Dali's Persistence of Memory, very surreal, nice one:winkthumb:

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