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carol m

My New Mic

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As some of you know I had a dodgy MAudio Mobile Pre that went to the supplier to be checked/repaired or replaced. They replaced it with a new item, and I was going to try to get them to swap it for a decent mic because I didn't really need the item anyway.

I did a lot of research into mics beforehand. Here are links to some of the places that were useful:


I couldn't find Doug's second Microphone test but it's there somewhere.

I also checked out

Shure - Mic Listening Lab

and found this too

Home Recording Forum

You have to sign up for that forum but it's free. He compares the following mics. It's the voice-over comparison but I couldn't find an acoustic shootout at that site.

Mic 1 - Soundelux U99 start

Mic 2 - AKG 414 -7secs

Mic 3 - MD 421 -14secs

Mic 4 - MXL V63M -22secs

Mic 5 - Oktava MK012 -30secs

Mic 75 - Sennheiser PL -36secs

Mic 48 - Shure SM7 -44secs

Mic 400 - Shure SM57 –50secs

Mic Dolphin - ECM 8000 –57secs

Mic Overlord AT 4033 -1.05secs -

Mic Market Garden At 4050 - 1.12secs

Mic Iwo Jima Royer R121 -1.29secs

The cost in Aus $ and my preferences of the above was

1. Royer R121 = $2204 Ribbon mic

2. AKG 414 = $2699

3. AT 4050 = $1345 – the AT 4051 $500 was my 1st choice in Doug’s mic test 1

4. ECM8000 (Behringer) = $99 at Allans -the specs say "very linear" I don't really know what that means in terms of sound

5. Soundelux U99 = $4400 - tube condenser mic

6. SM57=$150

7. AT 4033 = $470

I also like the MXL990/991 $200 for a set of 2 that Eddie uses, and the MXL 2006 that Jomi uses for the same price.

I was limited by having to swap it for something that was stocked by the store (and price of course), which I had worked out was either a Shure Dynamic, or a Behringer B1 Condenser. I also needed to get a cable, and possibly another mic stand for a second mic.

Fully prepared I made my pitch for a swap - the guy last time said i was out of the question. Yes! So then I found out that the store didn't have any Behringer B1's so I thought I would get the Shure.

Then Warren (hi Warren) says, I think this Sennheiser e835 is a much better mic.......I'll show you. He handed me the mic, which I nearly dropped because it weighed about 5 times more than my cheapy mic, and within seconds he/I tested both mics and the difference was so clear there was no question, the Sennheiser was much fuller, rounder, fatter, and possibly louder. The difference was amazing really. It was tested through an amp (which I don't have) but the settings were the same for both mics.

And....he continued :rolleyes: there's a really good deal on this mic! You can get the mic plus cord, plus stand for $20 more than the mic on it's own.

I'm very pleased with my deal. I have to change my strings before I do a shootout between this one and the old cheapy once I've brushed up on a piece to play, but I'll post something soon.

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Excellent, Carol. They have good reviews. Enjoy. Don't wait for the new strings - post a clip.


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Oh all right - and it's way past my bedtime - but here's my first recording with it. I was just giving it a whirl with it placed somewhere just below the bridge and about 8-10 cm away. Completely dry recording, flubs and all. A better recording will follow - yes I got the Home Recording for Dummies book for my b'day so I'll be boring everyone with my new discoveries in the recording area as well.....

01-open D 5_9_08-consolidated-090907_0107.mp3

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Very nice Carol. recording is very clear and warm. Playing is great too.

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Well done Carol. The mic does a nice job.

Looking forward to more recordings!


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Thanks everyone. I was quite pleased with it. I was seriously impressed by the shoot out in the store, although it was only up against one other mic, and I didn't compare it to a condenser. It'll definitely do me for now.

Take home message: do your research so you have a good idea of what you like/want, then test out the mic in the store and compare a couple of others. Listen to the guy in the store, he's probably heard/used more mics than you have. Then trust your ears and hope your credit card can handle it.

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Thanks knight. My lefty Tanglewood is away having a set up and I've been playing right handed. :stuart: for a few days. In an open tuning I don't have to fret much with my left hand, and so far so good.

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Ver' nice! I even thought so before you told us you were playing backwards! What instrument?

That was my Takamine EG15SC cedar top mahogany sides. Next time I'll tune it before recording something - I wasn't expecting I would post that recording.

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Nice harmonics at the end.

Ha ha - thanks Steve - I missed the first 2 harmonics and only got the one at the 5th fret.

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