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19/20th fret not ringing out.

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I have a gibson epiphone and the 19/20th fret on my high e isnt ringing out out anymore. I've changed the string twice and still nothing. I'm currently deployed in the middle east so there isnt a guitar repair shop I can go to. Any suggestions?

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WOW i had the same problem as you... all my other frets on the high E rang but the 19th-21st fret didnt.... did you like leave it out in the heat?

anyway for me... mine just magically started ringing again. i THINK it was heat because i left it in my gig bag, near the window, for 2 days and it was pretty hot..

ive gotten tips that i need a intonation, so you can try that.. i did but it didnt work.. time fixed it for me. i think after about a week, it started to ring clearly

o and btw... you Gibson and Epiphones are different brands

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Well, it could be a slight change in your neck

You could try first try tightening your truss rod, or jus' raising your bridge.

that could be fret buzz yes?

there guides on web about those.

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