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New Computer for Recording Suggestions

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Hey Medic1911, you sure are right about sticking with the WD and Seagate. Me too.

But Carol, no matter what HD you get, it's really easy and important to get a second drive and use it as a back up for files. You can also use the back up to create an image of your operating system, which includes all programs and program set-up preferences.

Seagate and WD include software to clone a drive. When a hard drive crashes, it's really very painless just to swap out drives and then you lose nothing. The cost of HD's are really inexpensive next to the lost work. Sure, more so for those who make a living with it, but...


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From memory Samsung bought the "Conner" (remember them) hard drive technology and then ,went on to manufacture drives that were.... just as reliable!

Luckily, Samsung knew how to make toasters, that covered the losses.

Although failures still occur, they are not a too bad drive.

WD & Seagate have both had models that were total embarrassments, but, have got their QC together and cemented themselves as THE drives of the day.

I wouldn't touch an LG with a barge pole.

Spot on Steve, an image/mirror.... is/should be, a given.

When you take into account the... Work/music/spreadsheets/photos/Documents/financials/emails/links/silly things/recipes(god forbid I lose them), that we keep on our computers, the $80 investment is a non-event.

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