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I have a Crate Voodoo Blue 120 watt head a Marshall 4x14 cab. A Mex fat strat. And a gnx4

I really like the the Gnx4 with the usb port hooking up to my computer.

I upload backing tracks to my pedal. I also play with a slowdown mp3 player and windows through my pedal hooked up to amp. I have guitar pro 5 when I turn off the guitar midi for a real fun way to learn new songs. I am still learning how to get a good sound recording with it.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Why not upload an example of what you can do with your set up? That's always interesting to hear. It doesn't matter if it's not your best shot ever, you will always get encouragement here at GFB, and helpful hints as well if you ask for them.

And we are all of us trying to learn how to get a better sound recording, well most of us. :)

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