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No, it's not that song by Sting. It's my own writing and if you don't understand what it's about, its about realizing how fragile life really is. Although it may sound abit depressing, it is not intended to be in any way.


I'm like glass,

Drop me and I break

Just like water,

Move me and I shake

Like ice on a winter night

I have been cracked

I’m not really that strong

Like rocks shattering

Into a Million pieces

Never to be found again

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Glad to see you writing Jess. I found the meaning very clear, and not depressing at all.

Are you going to try and put it to music? Although it's not very long, it would sound good in a mostly instrumental piece with these words being sung here and there, and maybe repeated, at points within the music, like having the lyrics take the place of the guitar solo. It's just an idea so I won't mind at all if you don't like it.

I like these lyrics a lot and show some real insight into being fragile while trying to get through life's hard times with a brave face. Well done.

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Strong message Jess, this will make a good song, it's not depressing, we are all fragile in different ways and we all hurt sometimes, life can be a blessing and a curse that's what makes it interesting, nice lyrics Jess.

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