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carol m

GarageBand Licences

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The other day I bought the iLife 09 with GarageBand 09 and during the installation I registered it with Apple. Does this mean I now can't load it on an upgraded Mac computer if and when I buy one? Any new Mac I bought would still be an ebay one so it wouldn't have the 09 GB on it.

It didn't occur to me at the time, but is this iLife disc now only re-loadable on the same computer it is registed to/on? I have a feeling I've messed up on this!

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You can install it on other Mac's as OS X doesnt Phone home like Windows .

I have only 1 purchase of Quicktime Pro , but have it on all 3 Mac's I own as I typed in the same purchase code on all 3 and it works , no popups saying "You have only 1 purchase code and have it on 3 Mac's " :)

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