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Short and Sweet

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So I was thinkin to myself today, and I said, "Self? You remember all the fun we had when we were little and the only worry we had was what you were going to play next?"

So this is what happened. (I'm not a singer, but it s written for my Short n Sweet music)

Listen here:(hence the children laughing a the beginning of the song)

SoundClick artist: D-Dawn - page with MP3 music downloads

Short n Sweet

Memories fill my mind

Of days gone fast, left behind

Laughing, running, free all day

We could play the light away.

Oh so poor, but didn't show it

So much love, we didn't know it

Stories told, songs to sing

Hoildays and tastes of dreams.

Growing up came too fast

Innocence doesn't last

Oh, I wish, we could go back

Summer always lasts forever

In our world of endless never

Scraped up knees, kissed away

No worries then, Only play

Coming in when told to eat

Never shoes, just bare feet

Trash campfire smelled so good

Sleeping when and where we would.

Growing up, yeah, came too fast

Innocence did not last

Oh I wish I could go back

(How I miss those days)

Now my kids are almost grown

Hope they have the fun I've known

Before real life gets in your way,

Laugh Child, laugh, sing and play...

(I miss those days)

V.D.P. Music 2007 Lyrics 2009 :crying2:

As always criticism welcome...

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Very nice tune. And in step with your Love-a-bye melody! (yes, I do listen ;) ) I appreciate your note that criticism is welcome. This melody and lyric doesn't need to be critiqued or scrutinized.

It needs to be *played* and the more often, the better!

Thanks D. Your melody made my day!



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Aw you're too cool! The music that goes with this is actually called Short and Sweet (on sound click too) I guess because posting my stuff (music or lyrics or both) is so new to me I tend to doubt what I'm doing. Your feedback is very encouraging so thanks again!!

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Whoops there it is! Didn't mean to ignore you Eddiez! Posted a recording (thanks again for listening to it!)

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Just found this Dawn, very nice playing. I love how you plug away clearly with the repeated bass note and you play the melody against it.

And the kids laughing at the start is terrific.

Are you using a pick? I can't get the hang of using a pic at all, probably because I haven't used one before a couple of weeks ago. Mine sounds loud, harsh and never hits the right strings, and then I drop the damned thing.

Maybe you could do a 'picking' song as in The Pick-handler's Blues and include a few deliberate flubs?

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Actually it's just my fingers...I can't use a pick and couldn't imagine using one for this many notes LOL I have enough flubs accidentally thanks! :)

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