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I'm always on the lookout for good information. Especially in the music and song writing business. I love to share with the good folks @ GFB&B things that I find. Things I think are relevant and more importantly things that advance the knowledge of myself as well as my friends here.


Bob Lefsetz. Have you heard of him? Probably not. But if you have any desire at all to learn about the music business in general you should get to know Bob Lefsetz. Bob Lefsetz is to the music business as Simon Cowell is to American Idol. He's the one you'd most love to hate. But he's the one that will tell you straight up and to your face where problems are AND how to fix them.

Here's a few excerpts from a recent newsletter from Lefsetz:

"If you're making your music for the cognoscenti, you're missing the point. You only need to please your target audience, that's it. Music used to be a hierarchical world. Who had the number one album, who got the most airplay, who had the biggest grosses. If you're playing that game, you're lost in the wilderness. A number one album sells few copies and is no guarantee of profits. So many people don't even listen to the radio."

"Anybody who can survive in today's music world deserves credit. It's about gaining an audience, not reaching everybody. If you make some people happy, you're on your way. If you try to make everybody happy, you're doomed to failure."

"So don't swing for the fences. Don't adopt a star attitude. Be reachable. The more accessible you are to your fans, the more they'll like you and spread the word."


I highly recommend visiting Mr. Lefsetz web site and reading a few of his letters. I also recommend signing up for his newsletter. It really is an inside track to the music business. You will be surprised to find out who listens and actually replies to The Lefsetz newsletter.




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Great link LC, he's a very interesting man and shoots from the hip, made some great points and definitely has his finger on the pulse:winkthumb:

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