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Something To Play Along With?

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Hey Guys,

Not sure if this is the right spot for this but my guitar teacher recommended that I find some software which i can use to create simple backing tracks with.

I don't know anyone else who plays guitar :crying2: and we're working on some lead type things and having a rhythm guitar in the background would help.

He mentioned Band In A Box, any recommendations for things out there? Preferably cheap or free to try, at least until I find something I can work with.


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If you have the capability to record, you could download Audacity (free) and make your own backing tracks. If not, Band In A Box would work, or you could download some backing tracks off the web (do a Google search for 'guitar "backing tracks".') Lawrence Fritts has a ton of blues backing tracks on his page. Another one is Free Jam Tracks and Backing Tracks, which has a bunch of BT's from several different genres.

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vanBasco's MIDI Search

try using midi's with vanbasco's karaoke player, us can turn off any instrument u want to make a backing track from the midi's, this is a very cheap way to do it, ive used this myself, there are lots of midi's files on the web to use, give it a try and see if it works for you


PS- use the midi search to find the song or artist u want

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