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How much for an used yamaha C60?

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G'day. Welcome to the forum.

This is a very specific question and it's not drawing many responses.

I have no experience with Yamaha guitars, used or new, so I can't tell you how much you should spend. Depends so much on the condition, and what else is available.

But the rules for beginners guitars are pretty much the same wherever you are or whatever you want to play. Don't spend a lot of money on any guitar until you have enough knowledge to know what really suits you. Most learners change their minds a few times about the sound and style they really want to play, so buying second-hand or at least budget priced is generally a good move. And one more point. There are probably at least 20 million guitars for sale in the world at any one time, so if the one you're looking at now doesn't really turn you on, give it a miss and look for a more suitable one.

I hope you can find a nice one soon. Keep in touch.

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I can't find that model on the net so far. sorry. Your fairly safe with a yamaha product but, like everything else, you get what you pay for so a really low end guitar may have short comings that will begin to anoy you at some point.

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Just found this description. Doesn't look too promising. "Yamaha C-60 is an extremely low-quality school guitar produced in large scale production. From the graphs it is evident that the relatively high frequency ...". You can probably do better. I would give it a pass and keep looking

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