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EFFECTS for drums....

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Ok, so many people have already asked the question....

however, i have not yet seen an answer to what im looking for.

I need/would like to get hold of reverse cymbals, something that will help me pan left and right and center (preferably programable to my mood ;) ) and finally, something that takes the drums into the background, as is used in many a song (I can give examples of each of these effects but they will be in metal-ish songs)

Also, they need to be compatible with Kristal, as I dont use Reaper cos my interface is just rubbish lol!!

To any one who can and does answer, thank you SO much!!


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The only thing I can think of for cymbals would be to record some (or find some loops/sound clips of them), then reverse/flip the sound in your program.

As far as putting the drums into the background - if I correctly understand what you're talking about, that's called "ducking". If Kristal has some type of ducking control, that would handle it - otherwise you could do it with volume automation by drawing the control points where you want them and manually dropping the volume on the drum track.

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