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3/4 classical ??

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I have a full sized classical. However when I go from my electric or thinbody acoustic to my classical the size is a too big. It is like holding a refrigerator. I maybe could live with the body but the neck is 2.05 inches (52 mm) wide at the nut. It feels like an aircraft carrier deck. I like the sound of nylon sometimes. It has a sweet sound and a nice change of pace from amplified electric. I am now considering a 3/4 classical. It would of course be smaller much(nearly the same body as my thinbody acoustic Ibanez Talman). However the scale on the one I am looking at is 23.2". In fact this the one I am considering.

Ibanez :: Acoustic Guitars :: IJC50

The smaller size also would be nice for travel and take along camping etc. Any thoughts on a 3/4 classical for casual playing ?

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Same thoughts as for any guitar. Play it. See if you like the feel. See if you like the tone.

Small guitars aren't a gimmick, they are real guitars. There are lots of smaller people in the world who just can't handle large instruments. And kids too need something their hands can get around. There are many small guitars on the market so you have a selection to choose from.

But the rule for buying any guitar remains the same. Make sure it suits you.

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You don't have to have a 3/4 size to be able to get your wrist around the neck, but the

idea of 3/4 for travel guitar is okay.

a lot of companies are putting more playable necks on their nylon string (classical) guitars.

The width counts but even more so is the radius of the neck.

If you compare a 2.05 inch neck with the old fashion neck radius with a 2.05 inch with a smaller neck radius you'd be surprised at the difference.

here's some specs from a taylor nylon guitar

(i used taylor for an example because they're easily obtained, other

companies are into smaller neck radius's also)

scale size -25 1/2 inches pretty close to being full size

fretboard radius 15 inches

neck width at nut 1 7/8 inches

but Taylors are expensive

You can pick up a 3/4 Yamaha CS40 for a lot less.

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if it's the body that a problem try one of the new slimline classical guitars. i have a cordoba but takamine and others make a similar body style. the neck is also the standard width but not as rounded as a standard classical which would be easier for someone not used to it. Ovation also makes a hybrid classical. nylon sound, acoustic feel

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