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Hanging a guitar on wall

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If you should decide not to hang the guitar on the wall and instead lean it against the wall just make sure that the strings are facing the wall. It may look weird to have a guitar facing "backwards" , but since the tuners are not leaning against anything, the guitar will not go out of tune.

Yes, I have seen that lately and it makes sense, although the first time I saw that I thought "...not with MY guitar!".

I may also get one of those small, collapsible guitar floor stands. I use a nice heavy one at home and it's so very handy keeping the guitar next to me. I've gotten used to using that and don't put the guitar in the case anymore since I pick up the guitar every day at least once to fiddle with it. But I have no small kids, dogs, etc around so I don't worry about it being hit! <g>

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