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carol m

My Setup and Mix for Paganini La Campanella

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I recorded this a few days ago and have done a bit of tweaking on the mix:

From the thread: here

Guitar: Yamaha G-228 Nylon string classical guitar.

Standard tuning and no capo.

Microphone: Optimus Dynamic 5000 ~ $50

PCI interface (soundcard) MAudio USB Mobile Pre 'Mic-in' XLR plug - turned up to max volume.

The MAudio is connected to the USB port on an iBook G4 OSX 10.5.6 laptop.

The recording:

Check guitar is in tune!

Using the Mac onboard Garage Band software.

Mic Position - pointing towards the body below the saddle/bridge (away from the sound-hole) and angled down at almost 90 degrees and about 9 inches away.

Sample 1:

one track recorded with no effects - with 5 cut and pastes because of my lack of ability (ambition = <2). You can still hear one of these about 1/4 way through that I couldn't eliminate.

But I have tweaked it now to minimise this. I did this by:

Duplicated the original track X 3 (thanks Eddie)

Track1 - no panning

Track 2 - panned -63 left

Track 3 - panned +63 right

Track 4 - no panning.

Reduced the Master Volume by 11dB to avoid clipping.

'Saved to disc' (which 'mixes' it for you - Garage Band does this automatically and changed it into:

AAC Codec (Advanced Audio Codec) - a mac/ipod/quicktime software

Total bit rate - 98 (I had no control)

Format MPEG-4 = Audio file .m4a

2nd Sample:

Using the same 4 track original I applied the Garage Band preset of voice - 'live performance' to all the tracks. I could have used any of the guitar pre-sets but I thought this one sounded best.

With this preset, the 'Saved to disc' mixing gave me an audio bit rate of 121. I've no idea why it is now a better rate with a 'mixed' version - I would have expected it to be less as the software had to deal with a more complicated version.

What I found when googling MPEG and AAC:

MPEG-1 = a lossy compression for videos and audio

6 :1 compression ratio for audio

26 :1 compression ratio for video.

MP3 = MPEG-1 - Audio iii - not the same as MPEG-3

bit rate at 128 kbits/s = ~ 1/10 of original audio file.

Lame encoder (audacity DAW and others) is a high quality mp3 encoder.

MPEG-4 = the latest MPEG version and can be used for multimedia applications as well as audio. MAC uses it and says it has twice the clarity of mp3 at the same bit rate with an equal or smaller files.

AAC = Advanced Audio Codec used in iPod, iTunes, Quicktime applications.


OK, this site won't upload a MPEG file so I will put it through Switch - an application to change it into mp3.

Now the detailed info - and I converted to mp3 from the MPEG-4 format not the original recording

No effects sample mp3

1,016 kb on disc (796 with MPEG4)

1,037,373 bytes (813,919 with MPEG4)

Bit sample rate 128 (98 with MPEG4)

Live Performance mix sample mp3

1,016 kb on disc (980 kb with MPEG4)

1,037,373 bytes (1,001,533 with MPEG4)

Bit sample rate 128 (121 with MPEG4)

Camp Master No effects pan 4 tracks- 8.2.09.mp3

Camp LivePerformance pan 4 tracks- 8.2.09.mp3

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I like the live performance in sample 2 with effects. A touch high at the reverb but quite pleasant. Bring up the equalizer in the master track, click analyze and watch the audio lines. then try dragging them above and below the lines to hear what happens.

Carol, I am beginning to think your kinda liking that Mac

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Hi Eddie, I've only been trawling through the Presets so far, so I haven't used the EQ yet, or the Master Track option either except to reduce the vol to avoid clipping - my next learning curve.

I do like Garage Band - it makes everything sound good - at least better. I've been using only the Mac since Christmas and my sick PC is still only being used as a shelf for the laptop. And I'm not at all keen to go back to all the watching the PC usage/performance screen, virus scanning, crashing, stalling, System Restore etc I was having to do with Windows - I've kind of lost confidence with it, but when I (finally) get it replaced I'll have to start over again with installing all the stuff that you need....again.

One thing I was meaning to ask you is - sometimes when I have a couple of tracks going in GB a pop down menu appears telling me that not all of the music has been played because I have too many tracks going. Then if I wait a couple of seconds and click the 'continue' option it seems to play alright and I can't tell that anything is missing. Have I 'lost' anything, or was it only taking a breather?

And would this be fixed by adding more RAM? It has happened a couple of times, and when I'm only using two simple guitar only tracks. I have 516GB ram installed, and for every other use that is enough.

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